Reuf's Music


Survival by Reuf Sipovic
Studio production

Special price for Audio CD Survival 12 Eur. Including Porto.
We still have a couple copies of CD SURVIVAL with first and promotional cover edition. Available as CD and MP3 download.

1. Survival
2. Fog
3. Volcano
4. For Lost Love
5. Nostalgia
6. River Lim
7. Memories

Total Time 53:53

Composed, arranged, all instruments performed, mixed, mastered & produced by Reuf Sipovic.

"Survival" is a musical project, in which different musical styles combine in a symphony, a crossover of classic, rock, ambient, ethno and world music. Bosnia's multiinstrumentalist, composer and producer Reuf Sipovic has created with "survival" a work with a timeless sound and unique artistic expression.